General Information
Real name: Zaora
First Appearance: Adventures of Superman #444 (September, 1988)
Created by: John Byrne
Jerry Ordway
Affiliations: Kryptonians
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Zaora was a female Kryptonian who existed within a Pocket Universe created by the Time Trapper after the Crisis of the Infinite Earths. In this reality, she was a criminal who who was banished from her home planet of Krypton by Superboy's father Jor-El who sent them into the Phantom Zone for their crimes. There she alongside Zod and Quex-El remained even after the destruction of their homeworld.


Decades later, Lex Luthor used one of Superboy's devices in his underground laboratory in order to find where he had gone. The machine accidently allowed him access to the Phantom Zone where he communicated with a person called Von-El who claimed that he along with his wife Mara and associate Ston-Ar were trapped in the Zone following their homeworld's destruction. Von-El assisted Luthor in reassembling the Phantom Zone Projector and used it to free all three of them. However, it was revealed that it was a ruse as Von-El was actually Zod with Mara being Zaora and Ston-Ar was Quex-Ul who were all criminals from Krypton. They proceeded to shatter the Phantom Zone Projector and the laboratory after which they began terrorizing the planet Earth in order to set themselves as tyrannical rulers. However, Lex Luthor sought to challenge them and assembled a fighting force consisting of a Supergirl of his own creation who attempted to hold the three Kryptonian criminals. But at that point, Zod decided that the Earth beings were no longer suitable subjects and alongside Zaora and Quex-El, they destroyed all of them except for those within Luthor's Smallville citadel after which they destabilized the planets core thus instantly destroying its atmosphere.

Whilst this Earth was destroyed, Luthor had managed to send Supergirl to the main reality in order to contact Superman and enlist his aid to defeat the three Phantom Zone criminals in the Pocket Universe. There, Zod alongisde Zaora and Quex-Ul fought the remnants of Luthor's resistance forces and destroyed the Smallville citadel and even turned Supergirl into a melted pool of protoplasm. The main reality version of Superman travelled to Superboy's underground and found a sample of Gold Kryptonite which he used to depower the three Kryptonian criminals. The depowered Zod later taunted Superman by claiming that they will eventually find a way of regaining their powers after which they would destroy his reality's version of Earth. Thus, Superman decided to sentence the three by exposing them to a lethal blast of Kryptonite. Just as it was happening, Zaora pleaded with him to spare her life and promised him pleasures that he had never imaged after which she died. Zaora was buried on the Pocket Universe Earth in a grave she shared with her two comrades Zod and Quex-Ul.

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  • Zaora is an alternate universe counterpart of Faora.


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