General Information
Real name: Yuda
First Appearance: Krypton Chronicles Vol 1 3
Created by: E. Nelson Bridwell
Affiliations: Kryptonians
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA

By the Mistress of the Moons, Yuda, I take you, (Husband's Name), as my husband.



Yuda was a goddess within the Kryptonian pantheon and was one of the chief deities within their mythology. She was associated with love and marriage as well as was represented by the two moons which orbited Krypton. Due to this association, Yuda was known as the "Mistress of the Moons" and it was the reason that both Mithen and Wegthor were held as representing the concepts of marriage. Her name was often envoked during betrothals and was part of the ceremonial vow. Her worship ended when the lands of Krypton suffered from a great flood.


In the aftermath, Jaf-El introduced a monotheistic faith in the belief of the Sun God Rao. The mistress of the moons name was taken during the time of Jaf-El who was a prophet of Rao and claimed that the worship of many gods was false. Instead, he claimed that there was only one god namely Rao though one individual claimed that he would honor Yuda along with all other deities as he did not wish to anger them. During the early days of Kryptonian civilization, Erok-El married Milia in a ceremony where they took the name of both Rao and Yuda. As such, this even impacted the nuptial vows during marriage where Rao was called upon rather than Yuda. Despite these changes in their religion, Yuda was still remembered in folklore and a mechanical statue of her was present in the capital of Kryptonopolis where it was the object of certain festivities. Thousands of years later, the Kryptonian Religious Guild maintained the worship of Yuda but as one of the lesser deities that existed below Rao.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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  • Yuda is only mentioned during the stories in the Krypton Chronicles Vol 1 3 ""The Race to Overtake the Past" though a more detailed entry on her is present in "A Krypton Glossary" located at the back of the issue.


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