Wizards of Juru
General Information
Leader(s): Thul-Kar
Current Members: Thul-Kar
Former Members: Thul-Kar
Status: Inactive
Base of Operations: Phantom Zone



The Wizards of Juru were an ancient order of Kryptonians that had tapped into the mystic arts and it was claimed that they were the mightiest race on Krypton. These magick wielders resided within the Valley of Juru that remained one of the few regions on Krypton that was still unexplored by that advanced civilization. In fact, Kryptonian technology had never penetrated past the peaks nor pierced the mists that shrouded the Valley. Instead, only Juri magic allowed their users to find the temple that served as the home for the Wizards of Juru. Their "race" was born within this unexplored region where few suspected of their existence and even fewer believers of their beliefs. Despite this fact, they lived amongst ordinary men and practiced their rituals largely in secret. As such, as the planet advanced, many were unaware of the existence of the Wizards and believed that their homeworld was ruled by science and not magic.


Thul-Kar and the Wizards during the final days of Krypton.

Aethyr and The OversoulEdit

During the final days of Krypton, the wizard Thul-Kar heeded the warnings of the scientist Jor-El over the coming destruction of their world. As the last quakes shook that world, Thul-Kar used occult means to travel into the Phantom Zone itself which was known as a territory of twilight and kingdom of shadows with the final ritual conducted by his compatriots. This act allowed him to be one of the few survivors of the Kryptonian species but when he attempted to depart the Phantom Zone, he was repelled by the unexpected might of the god-like being known as Aethyr. Despite possessing the great enhanced physiology of a Kryptonian and magical abilities, Thul-Kar failed. Remaining behind, the sorceror remained behind and served as a sentinel for Aethyr of the border realm. Eventually, he received a visitor in the form of Kal-El who was accompanied by Charlie Kweskill. The two were trapped within the Phantom Zone and came upon pearly gates where Superman attempted to pass through only to be struck down fatally by the grim reaper like guardians. However, Thul-Kar emerged and used his healing magicks to restore Kal-El whereupon he revealed his origins as well as that of his order. By opening Kal-El's third eye, he showed to him the origins of the god-like being known as Aethyr and attempted to keep the pair within his castle. However, when they refused, he allowed them to depart even though his magicks could have detained them but he felt that their mission was a doomed one to return to Earth.



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  • The Wizards are only mentioned in the Earth One continuity, specifically in DC Comics Presents and in the four part "The Phantom Zone" series.


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