Valley of Juru
General Information
Official name: Valley of Juru
Created by: Steve Gerber
First Appearance: DC Comics Presents Vol 1 97
Galaxy: TBA
Star System: Rao
Planet: Krypton
Country: TBA
State: TBA
Locale: TBA



The Valley of Juru was a region on the planet Krypton which gave rise to a group of mystics known as the Wizards of Juru. These Kryptonians had learnt the arts of magick and were capable of great acts of sorcery. Even at the height of Kryptonian civilization, the Valley of Juru remained one of the few unexplored regions on the planet. It was for this reason that the Wizards remained largely unknown to the rest of the planet. Furthermore, its peaks and mists were not capable of being pierced by way of Kryptonian Technology though the mystical arts of the Wizards allowed them to easily bypass such obstacles.

Krypton's Final DaysEdit

This region was home to the Wizard Thul-Kar and during his adulthood his homeworld faced destruction. Heeding the words of Jor-El, this Wizard travelled to his birthland where his compatriots conducted an occult ritual that allowed them to transport one of their own into the Phantom Zone. Thus, Thul-Kar became one of the few survivors of Krypton after the planet along with the Valley of Juru were destroyed.


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