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Superman and His Suit Edit

Hi Leader Vladimir when it comes to the new regarding Superman's Suit and mainly the return of the red trunks I do believe they are an out dated concept of the characters history this doesn't real work anymore in being apart of the current version of Superman Lore. The Superman Suit with the red trunks worked for a period of time where they work best both in the main DCU and the media either on Film or TV. But in the current time frame we live in the red trunks just don't work anymore in being part of the Superman Suit. I mean one way I try to look at not just with Superman or DC Comics but with Marvel and their characters as well you can look through all Character and their history and you pick out one or two things no longer work for being apart of the characteristics of the current version of a certain character. I mean I believe in respecting and honoring the lore and history of any DC Comics or Marvel Comics Character History but like you pointed out the main thing that should mainly stay the same is who the character is at his core. When it comes to Superman as long as he stays who he is at his core that's what matters most and should the same the red trunks are pieces of history that should stay and the past and let the character evolve where he doesn't need that part of history any more when it comes to his suit.

I mean here is another way I try to look at things when it comes to comic book issues like this I'm a fan of both DC Comics and Marvel Comics but I understand and realize the characters have to evolve and change what worked years ago for a certain character doesn't always work now these days with these characters. I mean DC Comics trying new things like FlasPoint, New 52 and Rebirth for characters like Superman was the right thing to do for the character. Yes some of stories and changes worked and some didn't and clearly some fans liked the changes and some clearly didn't but they were the right move in keeping the character still relevant and not just letting him stay the same way he's always been for a very long time. I mean I'm one of the few that real enjoyed the Superman/Wonder Woman (Volume 1) entire run but I know a lot of people are happy Clark and Lois are back together and have a son which I like as well.

In the end what matters most is knowing who the character is at his core which ever character it might be from Superman to Captain America as long as you know who they are at their core that is what matters in the end. Everything else depending on the story that is trying to be told should have the opening for change for the character to continue to evolve for the better. Sorry for the long answer but it's a very interesting topic because I don't think it's ok seeing the red trunks return their not necessary being apart of Superman Suit. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12

New 52 Superman Edit

Hi Leader Vladimir when it comes to The New 52 and the overall stories focused on Superman (Clark Kent) were overall 50 Good and 50 Bad. I mean Superman Unchained (Volume 1) and Superman/Wonder Woman (Volume 1) for me at least were both awesome along with Justice League (Volume 2) as well. Superman (Volume 3) at a good story arcs like the main big crossover story arcs like H'el On Earth, Krypton Returns, Doomed, Savage Dawn and The Final Days of Superman. They also had some alright ones with Secrets & Lies, Fury At World's End, Psi-War, Under Fire and Return To Glory. While the rest of the story arcs What Price Tomorrow? The Men of Tomorrow, Before Truth and the overall Truth Crossover Story Arc I found real awful when it comes to Superman (Volume 3). When it comes to Grant Morrison Action Comics (Volume 2) I found real enjoyable. The Scott Lobdell, Tony S. Daniel and Andy Diggle short run I thought was alright and I enjoyed Greg Pak's run as well. If I had to rank the comic book series that focused on Superman (Clark Kent) I created a list below

Superman (Clark Kent) New 52 Comic Book Series Ranking

It terms of things like the suit and Lois Lane in during The New 52 run I'll agree with you when it comes to Lois Lane they seem to have no idea what they wanted to do with her during the run overall. One moment they would do something good but then they would rip that away and just turn her character into something simply awful. When it comes to the suit I'll disagree with you there I actually enjoyed the armor suit. It seemed like the right type of suit for Superman (Clark Kent) but that's just me I can understand why you weren't a fan of it. Overall I don't believe the New 52 era should be forgotten or ignored because there was some real good things during that run along with some real bad ones as well. But overall DC Comics and it's writers should learn from that run on how do better create stories for the overall Superman Mythology as a whole and so far The Rebirth Era is certainly doing that which is good to see. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12

Superman New Edit

Hi Leader Vladimir when it comes to the various Superman and Comic Book News

Brian Michael Bendis officially coming on the two main Superman Books but also doing a Mini Series before he starts those books is very interesting news. I'm a fan of his Marvel work like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, X-Men, Moon Knight and Guardians of The Galaxy. But at the same time it's going to be sad to see the ending runs of Dan Jurgens and Peter Tomasi on their respective Superman though part of me hope this mean Dan Jurgens will start a new Booster Gold or Time Masters/Rip Hunter monthly book. But I enjoyed both Dan Jurgens and Peter Tomasi runs I thought they did a real solid job during their runs. I think you have the best view when it comes to Brian Michael Bendis an overall wait and see approach is the best way to go about his upcoming run and see what it brings to the Superman Mythology.

When it comes to Superman Returns I think Brandon Routh is a real good actor and was a good choice for playing Superman but he was in the wrong Superman movie. That Superman movie like you stated it didn't know what it wanted to do at all plus it was putting unnecessary pressure on itself with the past Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve Superman Films as well so that film had no way of winning any good favor at all. Plus I'm not fan of the film at all even though I enjoyed Brandon Routh's performance like you in the film.

When it comes to the DC Fans against Black Panther Film news I just find the whole thing absolutely disgraceful this continuous stupid fan war between DC and Marvel is just childish and brings out the worst in comic book fans overall. Like you I'm a fan of both companies I already have my ticket for Black Panther and real looking forward to seeing the film when it comes out in a few weeks. I mean for me Black Panther was one of my favorite parts from Captain America: Civil War. The fact that there are good fans that are rising above this stupid and disgraceful is good to see that there is still hope out there.

When it comes to Justice League Zack Snyder only had a finished rough cut finished he didn't have a completely final cut of the film available if he did they wouldn't of had reshoots scheduled. But putting the issue of final cut aside of whichever director. Justice League is a film that shouldn't of come out last year it should of come out this year and Warner Brothers should overall better handled the overall production of that film because with people blaming Zack Snyder is wrong to me the only people who should be blamed is Warner Brothers Executives they are what real screwed that film up.

Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12

Hi Edit

Hi Leader Vladimir good to here from you hope all is well completely understand you have been real busy with college.

In terms of Superman (Henry Cavill), Man of Steel (Film) and DCU Film Universe I'm a big fan of the Superman (Henry Cavill) Version of the character and the overall Man of Steel (Film) as well. I can understand where your coming from with what should of been done with the films version of the character. But I think what was sort of the downfall of this certain version of the character is real simple they extremely rushed both story and character development of the character real too fast that didn't give fans and overall audience members enough time to get familiar with the character and overall enjoy the character and simply establish what they wanted this version of the character to be overall after Man of Steel (Film). After Man of Steel (Film) the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice shouldn't of happened what was needed was another solo Superman. I mean if you look at the MCU Version of Iron Man we got two solo films of the character before he teamed up with other heroes in the 1st Avengers Film. That's what was needed for this version Superman. I think that type of plan would of been a better way of establishing this version of the hero along with doing any minor tweaking here and there story wise and character development wise if necessary before having him in a film like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Justice League.

When it comes to Smallville (TV Series) and their overall take on Superman his overall mythology and the other DC Comics Characters that appeared on the show as well when you take a hard look at the show they real did an awful job with their take on Superman. I mean I do believe they had the right attentions starting out the show but as the show kept going on and on and especially how long the show ended up lasting it real just became absolutely awful. I became one thing with you brought up but truly was the downfall of the show. I mean if we look to DC Comics History of Superman before he became the legendary hero he real didn't have many big adventures like what he currently has now these days of as The Man of Steel. When the show started to give Superman like stories to young Clark Kent yet still make him not Superman yet it loss it's purpose. I mean one of the core aspects from the comics of young Clark Kent's History is the Legion of Super Heroes wasn't introduced until Season 8 of the show and only made and only made 2 small episode appearances afterwords during the shows run. Plus you brought up the final season of the show especially the big disgrace they did with the suit the overall final season of the show was just an embarrassment and a disrespect to Superman and DC Comics all together.

When it comes to Superman being compared to Captain America and Spider Man I can see where you can make comparisons especially with Captain America. I can absolutely understand why Superman is your favorite superhero he's a great hero. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12

Action Comics Edit

Hi Leader Vladimir when it comes to Action Comics (Volume 1) and Issue #1000 I found all the stories real enjoyable. Happy to see both Dan Jurgens, Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason got give their final stories in their respective Superman Runs. I was surprised with Brian Michael Bendis Story I mean I found it to be a good story to start off his run but that clearly shows he was influenced by Superman: Earth One (Volume 1). But overall I enjoyed the Issue also enjoyed Scott Snyder and Tom King their stories as well. How did you like the various stories? Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12

Update Edit

Hi Leader Vladimir I do agree with you with your overall thoughts on Bendis's first Superman Story and overall this new Villain. I mean you do have to wonder why Bendis created this new Villain and attach him to this certain story because part of me wonders if it would of been better to use an establish Superman Villain and attach that Villain to this certain story. I mean Rogol Zaar comes across like a combination of Doomsday, Brainiac and General Zod mixed together as one single villain for example. I mean we can only wait to see how the whole story plays out it might turn out real good but it also might not as well. You are also right Mr. Oz comes across like a better more interesting villain that Rogol Zaar does. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12

Superman News Edit

Hi Leader Vladimir good to hear from you hope all is well with you. When it comes to The New Krypton Sage Story Arc, Codename Patriot, World of New Krypoton and War of The Supermen those are some of my absolutely all time favorite Superman Story Arcs. To me those were just some of the DC Comics Superman Mythology Story Arcs that had the best use of all the great Superman Characters from it's heroes to it's villains. I mean the whole big story arc saga was lead by Geoff Johns, James Robinson, Greg Rucka and Sterling Gates some of DC Comics and this case mainly the Superman Books greatest Writers. Glad to hear your a fan of the Story Arc Saga well.

I did hear about the information regarding the Action Comics (Volume 1) and Superman (Volume 4) and Peter Tomasi and Dan Jurgens being able to finish their respective runs properly before Bendis officially enters the picture on the main Superman Books. I'm happy to see they are able to finish their respective stories it's always nice to see when creators are given a chance to finish their runs properly and not be rushed or forced to end their runs where it wasn't originally intended to story wise.

Yes it was sad to hear the passing of Margot Kidder she will missed.

In terms of three Superman Movie/TV Show Actors/Actresses I think you summed the whole topic and issue up up perfectly. All three's careers and lives effectively damaged for good and will also overall be punished for their crimes as well mainly the latter two but also the third as well.

As far as The Death of Superman Animated Film goes I've always had a mixed feeling regarding the DC Animated Films where their were some I real liked while others I simply didn't and overall I've just lost interest in them over the years. I do agree with you when it comes to the whole story of constantly revisiting the Death of Superman Story Arc or at least some version of it. It's been done so many times in the last couple of years it's sort of rivaling how many Spider Man Films there have been as well. Oh well good talking with you and talk to you later.

From Rod12

Comic Book and Superman News Edit

Hi Leader Vladimir good to hear from you as always hope all is well with you. Sounds like college is keeping you busy but good to hear you get to still enjoy your comic books and your favorite character of Superman.

With the recent Man of Steel Mini Series finishing I think your absolutely right one of the biggest strengths of the series was the group of artist and their amazing artwork. Also I do think your right the family drama he did with the Kent Family and The House of El Family was real well done. But when it comes down to it so far Bendis's overall start of Superman run has been focused Rogol Zaar Character and the character hasn't been real interesting or overall impressive to say the least. I mean feel you could use any other well known Superman Villain and give the character the same secret history they gave Rogol Zaar and give us a much better story and overall better character development. But in the end it's still early in Bendis's Superman run so we should give him time to see how his stories unfold and maybe they will evolve into something bigger and better then we could of even hoped for when it comes down to it.

I do agree with you when it comes to what happened with Batman #50 and X-Men: Gold #30 the whole thing with both issues made absolutely no sense at all. I mean you understand comic book companies are always trying to gain new readers however spoiling entire issues and especially big key moments simply ruins the experiences for regular comic book readers and any new readers your trying to gain in the process. As far as the whole issue of the story of an actual wedding for both issues. I think when it comes to Batman and Writer Tom King's overall run I think he has a much bigger story planned and the idea of Batman and Catwoman getting married was real never the true purpose of the what Tom King is trying to tell with his overall Batman run. I think down the line it might one day happen but only time will tell how the story plays out. As far as X-Men: Gold I haven't been a fan at all of that run on the X-Men plus I'm not a fan of the Writer of the book. Plus I never real fully believed Kitty Pride was going to get married because for a time she was engaged to Star Lord and nothing ever happened with that so I wasn't surprised at all when the main wedding didn't happen in the book. As far as the other wedding in the book found that interesting but overall didn't care a whole lot of the whole thing one way or the other.

When it comes to the DC Comics Films to this day I still have Man of Steel as one of my all time favorite comic book films. Man of Steel is my favorite DC Comics Film followed by Wonder Woman. I'm one of those fans who has wondered and become frustrated as to why there hasn't been a sequel to Man of Steel. I mean this is just me I always would of wanted to see a sequel to Man of Steel first rather then a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Film or Suicide Squad Film. When it comes Henry Cavill to me he is Superman on and off the screen. I real hope he sticks around as long as he can with the character because it would be a shame to loose him and have to get a different actor to play the role. Maybe if were lucky we'll see him make an appearance of some kind in the Shazam Film. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12

Superman News and Comic Book News Edit

Hi Leader Vladimir how's everything with you hope all is well. When it comes to your Superman and Comic Book News you are right it has been a busy news week and only going to get more busy with Comic Con arriving soon as well.

When it comes to Henry Cavill I'm glad to see he's still willing to continue to play Superman and continue exploring the character. Like you I still don't understand why there isn't a sequel to Man of Steel it deserves a sequel and real for me at least should of happened before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice happened. I mean when it comes to Henry Cavill teasing a possible sequel or even the rumor talk of him making some sort of appearances in Shazam I honest can't get excited for any of this because until something becomes official all it is in the end is simple rumor talk. Hopefully Henry Cavill does get a chance to get to play Superman in a sequel to Man of Steel because he real does serve that chance.

Bendis's Superman #1 was definitely a good start and I was a fan of Martian Manhunter involvement in the book. Seeing Earth in the Phantom Zone was interesting to see I have no idea of how it could of happened but it will be to see how the story unfolds. Overall good start and curious to see what happens next with the story and Bendis's overall use of the Superman Mythology.

I can understand where your coming from with not being fully interested in other comic books especially non Superman comic books. I mean I don't have that issue personally but I do understand your issue since I have experienced that issue before. With some of the examples you brought up I think one the key reasons why you might be having the issue of not being fully interested in certain comic book series is a lot of comic book series these days have very inconsistent runs or simply just not good runs on books for big name characters. I mean just for example Captain America ever since Writer Ed Brubaker officially finished his Captain America run any future Captain America run by a Writer has either been alright at best or simply absolutely awful. That can go along with a variety of big name DC Comics Characters and Marvel Comics Characters as well. Overall it does happen when reading comic books there is a point where you do loose interest in certain books. As long as you still have some comic book movies you still enjoy that's what matters.

With Bendis's story arc in separating Lois and Jon from Superman I do think he took the right approach story wise on how to separate the characters and give the characters a real interesting story arc especially in this case for Superman. Having Superman have story arc where he's alone without his family but not destroying his family in any way should be an interesting story to see be told in Bendis's run. As far as the Clark and Lois romance side of the story in the end for me it all depends on how it's done because even how iconic and legendary the romance story of Clark and Lois is in comic book history. In the end Comic Book Superhero Romance is something that even now these days is always extremely hard to get right story wise in either comic book form or comic book Movie/TV form. I mean during DC Comics entire opening Superman Books Rebirth run they did a great job establishing and telling great stories of the overall relationship and romance between Clark and Lois. All the credit for that should go to the respective creative teams. But even though Bendis is off to a good start so far with Clark and Lois one misstep could turn the storytelling of that relationship and overall romance of Clark and Lois into something real bad. Hopefully that doesn't happen but that certain area of the Superman Mythology is always the trickiest storytelling aspect of the character. But only time will tell how it all turns out. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12

Comic Book News Edit

Hi Leader Vladimir how's everything with you hope all is well and you are right it's been a very busy comic book week.

When it comes to the news regarding Guardians of The Galaxy Director James Gunn and Shazam Actor Jack Dylan Grazer I think you summoned up the whole issue for both individuals absolutely perfectly. Both individuals screwed up however both of them also realized their big mistakes and realized how wrong they were for making the mistake and apologized for their mistakes and did their best to learn from the mistakes to become better people. Also for example with Gunn his mistake was done nearly a decade ago long before he was even hired by Disney/Marvel to Direct the 1st Guardians Film. An every since then he has apologized for his mistake and realized how stupid it was making those comments. If both these individuals who did major screw up's in old comments they made have learned from there mistakes and have grown as people and have also apologized they should be allowed to move forward in their lives. No one is perfect and people make mistakes but if they have the ability to learn from their mistakes and become better people along with realizing how stupid they were in the past to make those mistakes and turn themselves into better people they should be given a chance to move forward in life.

As far as Bendis first big Action Comics issue you are right off to a real good start. Glad to hear agree with my point regarding Rogol Zaar but I do your right as well Bendis probably created him to leave his own unique mark on the Superman Mythology. The only concern I have with the star of Bendis and his run so far is the Clark, Lois and Jon story especially with Lois because I real don't want a repeat of Lois revealing Superman's Secret to the world again like what she did in the New 52 story. Plus I'm just sick of heroes revealing their secret identity to the world it's done so much these days it's now an awful story telling tool. Plus 95% of the time the story is awful in how it's told and done simply as shock value not good story telling.

I do agree with you when it comes to another Superman Film should of been announced and more to the point another Superman Film is needed. Warner Bros and DC Comics should of announced one at Comic Con however even before Comic Con it should of been announced as well. Overall hopefully down the line sometime soon a new Superman Film with Henry Cavill will be announced. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12

Hello Edit

Hi Leader Vladimir great to hear from you glad to hear your doing well and enjoying reading the current run of Superman Comics. I'm doing great as well and like you I've been reading the Superman Comics as well. I've been actually quiet surprised how much I'm enjoying Bendis's current Superman run especially his run on Action Comics. I'm actually interested in Bendis's Leviathan Event Story Arc I find the whole concept for the story arc real interesting and quiet curious on how they mainly make the story arc a Superman Focused Story Arc. But overall as much as I found the start of Bendis's run very unsure of what Bendis's overall plan with Superman was he seems to real have a clear plan story arc wise on what he wants to do with each of the characters in the Superman Mythology. Overall still a Superman Fan and still enjoying the current run of Superman Stories as well. Oh well talk to you later and good to hear from you again.

From Rod12

Brian Michael Bendis Superman Run Edit

Hi Leader Vladimir I do agree with you on current Brian Michael Bendis Superman Run it real has been a solid run so far with the books. The art has been amazing on both books and I've enjoyed both books the story arcs have been real impressive because they have done new stuff along with being respectful to the Superman Mythology. I mean with the Superman: Rebirth runs on both Action Comics and Superman and what Bendis has been doing currently with his run DC Comics have real brought the Superman Books back to real solid stories for the overall Superman Mythology. I mean the New 52 Superman Books and their overall run I didn't find all completely bad but the overall stories during that run also felt very uneven and like the writers were never fully confident in what they wanted to do with the character. But thankfully DC Comics learned from their mistakes and fixed what clearly didn't work during that run. Oh well good talking with you and talk to you later.

From Rod12

Hello Edit

Hi Leader Vladimir when it comes to the issue of Superman should remain white and just the use of diversity in Superman Stories. I will always say if the story makes sense for that certain character change to happen that's one thing. But don't force diversity into stories just for the sake of doing it and make changes for the sake of doing diversity changes. Story should always come first and if your story includes diversity that's natural and makes sense with the story that is being told that's fine in my book. But don't force diversity when stories force issues into stories just for the sake of doing it that actually hurts the importance of the overall issue such as diversity for example. Diversity stories should be told and need to be told in storytelling but do it right when your telling a story make the topic feel natural in fitting into the overall story don't force the topic that can hurt good stories.

But when it comes to real good Diversity Superman Stories the best comic book series for that is The Multiversity (Volume 1) by Grant Morrison. That story used the great concept of The Multiverse with in DC Comics to help create and tell great diversity stories and characters to expand the mythology of are favorite heroes. Grant Morrison created a great Superman Multiverse Character during his New 52 Action Comics (Volume 2) run.

When it comes to Arrowverse overall I have extreme dislike of it I use to to like the shows along time ago like Season 1 and 2 of Arrow for example but overall I don't watch any of the Arrowverse Shows at all. With Supergirl I think it's the worst of the Arrowverse Show it has a decent cast especially it's lead in Melissa Benoist who is a good Supergirl but in the end the show is extremely bad and extremely disrespectful to the Superman Mythology. I mean Tyler Hoechlin the actor who they have playing Superman is a good actor but he's given awful material and awful story arcs whenever he appears on the show I feel bad for the guy because he's playing an iconic character but is given nothing to work with when he appears on the show. I mean you perfectly summed up how awful the show does Superman and it's real sad to see what the show constantly does to such an iconic superhero.

Thank you for the offer with interacting with other Superman Fans I can't however because I'm extremely busy with work and other non wiki site relate thing every week. So I'm sorry but thank you for asking. Oh well good talking with you.

From Rod12

Superman Rebirth Books Edit

Hi Leader Vladimir good to hear from you everything is good with me just real busy with work and a variety of other things. Hope all is well with you at your end of things good to hear you have been doing some editing work updating Superman Comic Book Series Pages on the DC Database Wiki. I like your idea of doing similar work on the site here with Superman (Volume 4) and Superman (Volume 5) unfortunately I have two small issues with the idea. One issue is simply before any Superman Rebirth Comic Book Series Pages get created I would like to make sure all of the Superman/New 52 Books are fully Updated and Completed overall before the Rebirth ones are created. That issue being small and workable to get around and find a solution to overall. The bigger issue is I just don't have the time to do such a big project like creating, organizing and overall updating DC Comics Book Series Pages. Any time I'm do have to work on the site and my other ones these days is very small amount of time for very certain specific small projects. However since I real like your idea give me some time to think of plan to see if I figure out things. Oh well talk to you later.

From Rod12

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