General Information
Real name: Tyr-N
First Appearance: Action Comics Annual #2 (May, 1989)
Created by: Roger Stern
George Pérez
Brett Breeding
Affiliations: TBA
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Tyr-N was a native inhabitant of the planet Krypton who lived one hundred thousand years before its destruction during the turbulent time of the fifth historical epoch. At the time, he was a young and idealistic individual who was one of many Kryptonians that became enamoured with the pacifistic teachings of the alien missionary known as the Cleric. Many of these like minded followers formed a small commune where they practiced their ways. At the time, the Kryptonian people practiced cloning technology with which they replaced damaged parts in their body. However, the Cleric and his followers believed that such actions were sinful as the clones were sentient beings that deserved a right to life. In this sense, Tyr-N and his comrades who numbered one hundred thousand were against the rule of the Kryptonian Science Council.

The Day of IntoleranceEdit

The actions of the Cleric troubled the Science Council who eventually sent a squad of soldiers armed with a newly developed weapon created by Kem-L which was known as the Eradicator. Arriving at the peaceful commune with intructiions to arrest the peaceful protestors, events spiralled out of control when one of the soldiers incorrectly used the Eradicators controls leading to an explosion that killed many. Amongst those that survived the event known as the Day of Intolerance were the Cleric and Tyr-N.

After the disaster, the Cleric decided to take a large number of his loyal followers into space where they would embark on a massive exodus from Krypton in order to travel to the Holy Commune. Among the many that accompanied the peaceful alien missionary was Tyr-N and as the Great Ark left Krypton's atmosphere; both he and his fellow Kryptonian pilgrims fell into a seizure and died quickly. It was only then that the Cleric realized that a genetic flaw had been introduced into the species genome which tied them to their homeworld. Traumatized by the death of Tyr-N and his followers, the Cleric went into a self imposed exile at his unknowing part in the course of the tragedy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • No known powers. If Tyr-N lived on a world that revolved around a yellow sun, he would have possessed physical attributes similar to that of Superman.


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  • As a Kryptonian, Tyr-N was genetically bound to the planet Krypton.


  • Due to the Superman: Birthright reboot, Tyr-N's existence is no longer considered part of canon continuity.
  • Tyr-N lived during Krypton's 5th historical epoch.
  • Tyr-N is one of the few modern Kryptonians whose surname is a single letter. This naming convention was more widely used for Pre-Crisis Earth-Two Kryptonians such as Jor-L and Kal-L.


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