The Ravagers #2
The Ravagers Vol 1-2 Cover-1
General Information
Series: The Ravagers
Issue Number: 2
First Published: June 13, 2012
Previous Issue: The Ravagers #1
Next Issue: The Ravagers #3

Synopsis for "Shadows of The Past"Edit

After surviving the fall off the cliff, Fairchild, Ridge, Thunder, and Lightning are adrift on an iceberg. They have no idea what their next move is until Fairchild sees a ship off in the distance and they head in its direction. Elsewhere, Harvest has set up a new base and his original Ravagers regroup there. The next step in his plan is to capture and kill Fairchild so the kids will not have a leader to follow. He sends a Metahuman named Shadow Walker to take care of her. Fairchild and the others make it to Seattle, Washington but Thunder and Lightning want nothing to do with the group and leave. But Shadow Walker catches up with them using trackers he put in their suits. He captures Thunder and forces Lightning to go after Fairchild in exhancge for Thunder's release. She goes to Ridge and Fairchild and tells them about Thunder's abduction and asks for their help. When they arrive where Shadow Walker is, Lightning betrays the two in order to get them to Shadow Walker. Afterward, Shadow Walker begins to hurt Lightning and Thunder won't have it so he uses his powers to escape. But Shadow Walker is able to capture them all with his powers. Lightning uses the trackers Shadow Walker put in their suits to overload and destroy him. Elsewhere, Beast Boy is having dreams of the others being captured by a villain called Brother Blood. He tells Terra that Brother Blood is going to kill them all.

Appearing in "Shadows of The Past"Edit

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Other CharactersEdit

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  • Mongolio
    • Khentii Mountains (First Appearance)
  • Washington
    • Port of Seattle


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