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Question Edit

Hi, I'm Loknar54 (rebooting I am also an AF (Avid Fan) and I am wondering in "The New 52" where is the Smallville Justice League placed within the new Multiverse. On Earth-0 with the Super Seven and Shazam is there yet a Robin the boy wonder?  On Earth-1 is it the same JLA of the Silver Age but updated to reflect the new JLA of the last days of the Crisis Era. I see that Earth-2 S-B-WW have been Killed by the forces of Darkseid and a newer younger JSA is being introduced (good Idea).

Smallville might be done (as I see it, the best story ever told) But you started stomething there, is it just going to end? I like the Idea of Superman teaming with Green Arrow as best friends, with Aquaman and Impulse (I not going to list the whole case) but I would like to know where it is leading if it is leading anywhere? I still watch Smallville in reruns and I have several CD Seasonal packs that I watch constantly, since it is an overwhelming storyline. The website BORG.COM seems to have a handle on the comic sceen, and I can get some info from there, but can't someone put out something that spells out the entire new  52 Universe? 22:36, February 8, 2013 (UTC)gl 2754 (email

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