Superman #49
Superman Vol 3-49 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Superman (Volume 3)
Issue Number: 49
First Published: February 24, 2016
Previous Issue: Superman #48
Next Issue: Superman #50

Synopsis for "Sacrifice"

Superman has saved Metropolis from being crushed by the descent of Vandal Savage's spaceship but the impact has buried him several feet underground, with Wonder Woman doing her best to dig him out. Lois and Metallo, her personal guardian, have arrived as well to see if there is anything they can do to help. Superman regains consciousness and easily breaks out of the debris. However, the energy field around Vandal's ship is still intact, so Superman, Wonder Woman and Metallo work together to break it.

Surprised that Superman still lives, Vandal moves forward with his plan and orders HORDR_ROOT to activate a machine that drains energy from his captured enemies and attracts the comet to Earth. All over the world, Savage's illegitimate children manifest superpowers; all except HORDR_ROOT. Savage explains since the machine is programmed to only affect those with his genetic signature, the comet's powers will not enhance HORDR_ROOT, who is no longer in his original body. HORDR_ROOT is not pleased and wants Savage to give him power, but Savage orders Salvaxe to kill him with his modified axe. Savage communicates with his children all over the world, informing them of their parentage and urging them to destroy their enemies take their place as rulers of the world by his side.

Superman tells Metallo to expose his Kryptonite heart and power him up, shocking Lois with this recent chain of events. The twins, powered up by the comet, attack Superman again but he knocks them out with a single punch as Savage's other children get ready to fight. Fortunately, an army of superheroes enter the battle as well. During the fight, Metallo gets seriously injured and can no longer support Superman, who rushes to help him alongside Lois. Metallo knows Superman's Kryptonite powers are only temporary, but he is amazed by his heroism and courage. And so, he asks Superman to take his heart to win the battle. Metallo's heart has always been for Lois alone, because that just for once, he wants his heart to be like Superman's, a heart for everyone. Superman reluctantly complies, and with his new power, breaks through the force field.


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