Superman #36
Superman Vol 3-36 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Superman (Volume 3)
Issue Number: 36
First Published: November 26, 2014
Previous Issue: Superman #35
Next Issue: Superman #37


Ulysses is appearing on every TV screen in the country, explaining how the Fourth Dimension's better future was a certainty, while the Earth's future can never be certain. He has determined that hatred, prejudice, and violence are a permanent stain on the Earth's culture which he could not change if he tried. And so, he offers the first six million humans who come the chance to join him in the Fourth Dimension. They have 24 hours to decide. Watching the ships arrive from the offices of the Daily Planet, Perry White pitches "Exodus of Earth!" as the headline for Clark Kent to write him, but Clark is long gone. He has already caught up with Ulysses, demanding to know what he's doing. Neil responds that he is not kidnapping anyone he is offering humans a choice. Clark tries to explain that no matter how dark humanity's prospects, there is always the light of hope for them, but Neil disagrees, believing that neither he nor Superman can save the Earth. He abandons Clark in the rain with no rebuttal. Meanwhile, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen hurry toward the ship over Metropolis, though Jimmy isn't sure anyone will actually take Ulysses up on his offer. Lois reminds that if Superman had made the offer, he might take it. Elsewhere, Neil's parents decide they will go with him to the Fourth Dimension, but Superman appears in their living room wondering where he is. When he realizes that they agree with Neil, though, his resolve fades. As the crowds converge beneath the ship, they begin to fight over who gets in first, and the Fourth Dimensioners appear to warn that violence will not be tolerated, barring entry to those who fought. All of the people seem to believe that the Fourth Dimensional beings can cure their illnesses and make their lives better. Ulysses, meanwhile, visits Klerik in his prison, and speaks briefly with him before returning to his parents. However, he must reluctantly that they can't come with him. He's trying to protect them from something but he won't tell them what. Superman has been waiting, and demands to know what he's hiding. Grimly, Neil asks to simply be let to say goodbye to his parents. Superman refuses to let him go without answers, and Neil angrily attacks him. He explains that he didn't want it to come to this, but he has only one way to save his parents and Superman. He explains that a perfect world comes at a cost and Earth must pay it.


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