Superman #28
Superman Vol 3-28 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Superman (Volume 3)
Issue Number: 28
First Published: February 26, 2014
Previous Issue: Superman #27
Next Issue: Superman #29

Synopsis for "Under Fire"Edit

Lois was chasing a story in the Suicide Slum alongside a police squad, when they were ambushed by a group of mobsters. When one of the cops is shot in the arm, Lois uses her new psychic powers to paralyze the criminals.

Meanwhile, Superman has discovered a doorway hovering above Earth's orbit. Dr. Shay Veritas contacts Superman and both talk about what to do with the door. Veritas suggests monitoring until they know more.

Superman returns to his apartment and takes off his armor. Suddenly, Clark detects someone on the living room with his X-ray vision. Clark barges into the living room with a baseball bat and finds Jimmy sleeping on his couch. As Jimmy wakes up, Clark asks why did he return if he has a lot of money. Jimmy answers that he does not feel comfortable living like a billionaire and wants to feel normal again. Clark allows him to stay on his apartment as long as he likes. But then, someone knocks on the door. It's Cat and she has news for Clark.

Meanwhile, at Washington D.C., General Lane has spent the night with a woman named Gladys. Then, someone breaks into his house and holds Gladys hostage. A second person holds Lane at gunpoint but Lane throws a knife into his hand and grabs his gun. The stranger tells him that he can tell him everything he needs to know about the Tower.

Cat tells Clark that Morgan Edge was interested in buying their website. Clark persuades Cat not to accept the offer and Jimmy tells them Edge and his company must be interested in their blog because they must be a close a story they do not want out there.

Later, Clark goes to the police precinct to write a story about the incident in Suicide Slum. He finds Lois in the precinct and asks her if she is okay. Lois hugs Clark and leaves, surprising him.

Meanwhile, Red Hood and the Outlaws had established their headquarters on an island in the South Pacific. Roy Harper, aka Arsenal, is eating ice cream until their base's sensors go off. Starfire is shocked by this and flies away, thinking Earth is in danger.

Back at the precinct, Superman interrogates one of the mobsters who were in Suicide Slum. The mobster is unimpressed, saying his group has a benefactor that gave them the power to destroy him. Superman uses his X-ray vision to check his equipment, looking at some sort of "living glass." In that moment, an explosion hits the precinct. It's Starfire, and she has come to pick a fight.

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