General Information
Real name: Sul-El
First Appearance: Krypton Chronicles Vol 1 1
Created by: E. Nelson Bridwell
Curt Swan
Affiliations: Kryptonians
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Sul-El was born in the city of Kandor several hundred years ago into the House of El on the planet Krypton where he became a citizen of the city. During his early life, he developed an interest in astronomy through his passion in history as well as science. At some point, he began research into the works of Kil-Gor who was a distant ancestor of Sul-El with his work bringing about the means to convert lenses formed from volcanic glass thus leading to the creation of the first working telescope on his homeworld. Following its creation, he spent many nights in his laboratory's balcony staring up into the stars and gazing on the moons of Krypton.

At was during one such evening that he noticed something in the sky which he initially believed was a comet but closer examination revealed the object to be a starship. This would be the first act of contact with an exterrestrial race for Kryptonian civilization. Quickly, Sul-El rushed to the Kandorian governor's office in order to speak with Drygur Usk-Mar. Telling him of his discovery, the Drygur dismissed these claims as being fits of wild fancy and even heresy. However, Sul-El did not yield and continued telling him that the space ship was on a course to Krypton which may possibly be a scout ship for an invasion force. However, the Kryptonian statesmen ignored Sul-El and Usk-Mar paid no attention to them.

However, Sul-El's fears proved to be true and the vessel was indeed part of an invasion force by an alien race known as the Vrangs who attacked Krypton where they took control of the Lurvan continent. After enslaving the populace, they put them to work in the Crystal Mountains where both Sul-El and his young son Hatu-El worked to mine minerals for their alien masters whilst being bound in chains. The fate of Sul-El during this time was not known though his son Hatu-El would eventually lead a revolt amongst the Vrang slaves that brought about the liberation of Krypton from alien rule. In future years, a statue of Sul-El was made on Rokyn where he was holding a telescope which was present in the memorial hall of the House of El.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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  • This version of Sul-El (Earth-One), including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the Multiverse in the 1985-86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series and is now considered apocryphal.
  • Sul-El's final fate has never been revealed, but it is reasonable to assume that he passed away long before the ultimate destruction of Krypton. It is possible that he may have even died at some point during the Vrang occupation.


  • Sul-El is an analog to the 17th century Italian physicist Galileo.


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