Steve Lombard
Steve Lombard
General Information
Real name: Steven Lombard
First Appearance: Superman Vol 2 #36 (October, 1989)
Created by: Jerry Ordway
Dan Jurgens
Affiliations: Daily Planet
Portrayed by: Michael Kelly



A retired athlete, Steve Lombard worked as a sports commentator/anchor for WGBS in Metropolis. He made his big splash at WGBS during a time when Superman was believed to be dead at the hands of the monster Doomsday. Having left WGBS some time ago, Steve is now the sports editor for the Daily Planet in Metropolis. Lombard is known for his overbearing machismo and his tendency to belittle those whom he deems to be inferior to him. He particularly enjoys taunting ace reporter Clark Kent and has been known to admonish the editorials of fellow reporter Ron Troupe. During a staff meeting, Steve was leaning backwards in his chair when he made an unsavory comment towards Lois Lane. Clark surreptitiously used his heat vision to burn away one of the chair legs, forcing Steve to fall backwards onto the floor.

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