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Science Police
Science Police.jpg
General Information
Founder(s): TBA
Leader(s): The Guardian
Current Members: Mon-El
Saturn Girl
Colossal Boy
Dan Turpin
Jamie Harper
Roon Dvron
Buck Bond
Shvaughn Erin
Former Members: Officer DuBarry
Officer Daniels
Kimball Zendak
Gigi Cusimano
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Metropolis



Formed in the wake of the Infinite Crisis to protect Metropolis. The Science Police were tasked to deal with supervillains and take them to prison.

New Krypton

Science Police team leaders DuBarry and Daniels, along with several prison guards, were killed during the events of New Krypton when a team of Kandorians lead by Commander Gor assaulted Stryker's Island and demanded custody of Parasite. The Science Police Control 'Rachel' tasked Guardian to act as a liaison between the Metropolis Police Department and a coalition of superheroes in bringing justice for the fallen science police officers and prison guards. After the Kandorians left Earth, Guardian was appointed Field Commander of the Science Police, as replacement for DuBarry and Daniels, due in part to his cloned memories of Jim Harper as a police officer and Guardian as a superhero.

The Legion of Super-Heroes

Apparently, the Science Police are still going strong in the 30th Century and beyond. Their remit has grown, expanding to cover the duties of all law-enforcement in Metropolis, which now covers the entire Eastern seaboard of North America. They can have an strained relationship with the Legion of Super-Heroes, but this is rarely a problem - all parties are motivated by a desire for law and order.


Nightwing and Flamebird vs Mon-El and The Guardian



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  • A group called the Science Police was active on Krypton before it exploded.


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