Planetary Restoration Fellowship
General Information
Leader(s): Jor-El
Status: Inactive
Base of Operations: Krypton



The Planetary Restoration Fellowship were a group formed on Krypton following the influence of Kal-El who saved their world from impending destruction after becoming a Green Lantern. It was his rediscovery of the more vibrant and emotion filled aspects of Kryptonians past society that led to Jor-El abandoning the cold clinical aspects of Krypton. This led to a division within the House of El where Jor-El and his new wife Lara Lor-Van abandoned their home in order to settle in old Kryptonopolis. There they intended to restore the ecology and wildlife of their planet thus transforming the desolate world into a living one. The actions of these Restorationists were opposed by the elders of Krypton such as Seyg-El who disapproved of the barbaric practices being made by the Restorationists. In their desperation, the elders went to the House of Zod in order to make Im-Zod into a military leader tasked with the elimination of these rebels who they deemed as radicals that opposed the fundamental principles of their society.

General Zod agreed to stamp down on what he saw as a corruption of Kryptonian society and prepared his forces to destroy the rebel Restorationists. By this point, the people of the Fellowship had brought back many forms of life that had been extinct on their homeworld. These included plants and animals who were recreated through the use of the Cloning Banks. It was the use of the cloning technology that brought about the anger of the council of elders as they saw it as the reason their society was nearly destroyed in the past.


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