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Pete Ross
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General Information
Real name: Peter Joseph Ross
First Appearance: Superboy #86 (January, 1961)
Created by: Robert Bernstein
George Papp
Affiliations: United States Government
Abilities: Politician
Portrayed by: Sam Jones III



Pete was the childhood best friend of Clark Kent in Smallville. Pete eventually married Lana Lang, with the two having a son, Clark Ross. The two are presently divorced, even after briefly reuniting. Pete was Vice-President of the United States under Lex Luthor and briefly served as President following Luthor's impeachment but quickly resigned.

Early Years[]

Pete was not initially aware of Clark's secret. However, the secret was known by the villainous Manchester Black, who informed then-President Luthor of the secret, only later to wipe his memory of it. Prior to losing the knowledge of Clark's secret, Lex informed Pete that his close friend Clark Kent is in fact Superman. While Pete initially refrained from telling Clark about his knowledge he did eventually tell him.

Recently it appeared that Ross had become a villain named "Ruin", but it was later revealed that he had instead been kidnapped by the real Ruin, Professor Emil Hamilton. Hamilton also kidnapped Pete's wife and child. Superman defeated the insane Professor Hamilton, rescued Pete, Lana, and their child, and exonerated Pete of the charges against him. Pete has returned to Smallville without Lana to raise their son.

Powers and Abilities[]


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  • Politician

In Other Media[]

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