General Information
Real name: Mitch Anderson
First Appearance: Superman Vol. 2 #141
Created by: TBA
Affiliations: TBA
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Born Mitch Anderson on the planet Earth, this Human lived with his parents until they separated. He along with his family were saved by Superman during his fight against Doomsday. Following this event, Superman became Andersen's idol and he kept posters of his hero in his bedroom. After this event, superheroes such as Wonder Woman helped bring his mother and father back together. But Mitch's father later died from lung cancer and the family were forced to move to Suicide Slum. When Anderson discovered that he had the metagene and thus superpowers that centered around magnetism, he decided to model himself as a superhero and attempted to prove himself as a sidekick to Superman. Taking the name Outburst, he began combating criminals with his first act stopping a break-in. At the time, he was overwhelmed by the criminals until the arrival of Superman. However, in their foes attempts at escaping, they unleashed deadly gas which Superman attempted to contain though Outburst assisted him. Following this event, Outburst fled as he intended to prove himself to be a worthy hero to his idol.


During his superhero career, Anderson saved the life of Lex Luthor which led to Luthor forming the Supermen of America that were seemingly formed to emulate the ideals of Superman. Luthor placed Outburst as the head of the Elite Brigade of Superman that consisted of meta-humans who intended to uphold the principles of Superman. After being formed, the group was no longer promoted by Luthor and continued their work as heroes. This led them in distinguishing themselves by battling such foes as the Warlords of Okaar and the Unimagibale. They were later seen supporting Young Justice in fighting a Agua Sin Gaaz's supervillain army in the Republic of Zandia.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Electromagnetism : Outburst had the innate power to influence the magnetic field which allowed him to control metallic objects as well as to aid in his movements by speeding up faster through his surroundings. However, this energy tended to build up within his body which forced him to expend it at times otherwise his body shakes uncontrollably.


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