General Information
Official name: Nightcave
Locale: Kandor



The Nightcave was a location situated at the city of Kandor. It was originally the secret underground laboratory of the scientist Nor-Kann who intended it to be concealed to hide his most dangerous instruments. When the alien Brainiac came to Krypton, he abducted the city of Kandor and made it into a Bottle City with the underground laboratory being similarly taken by him.

Nightwing and Flamebird

When the Kandorian scientist Than-Ol created an enlarging process, he claimed that Kal-El knew how to return the people of Kandor to their full size but had refused to do so. This led to the Kandorians turning against Kal-El forcing him and Jimmy Olsen to infiltrating Kandor to stop Than-Ol. Once there, they met Nor-Kann who offered them shelter with Kal-El and Olsen deciding that they needed to be masked vigilantes to hide from the Kandorians. They compared this to Batman and Robin of Gotham City where they decided to operate as Nightwing and Flamebird. Nor-Kann offered the use of his laboratory to serve as their version of the Batcave with it being known as the Nightcave.


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