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New Krypton
New Krypton.jpg
General Information
Official name: New Krypton
Created by: Geoff Johns
Pete Woods
First Appearance: Action Comics #873
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol



Now residing in Earth's orbit, directly opposite it, New Krypton is home to the residents of Kandor rescued from Brainiac by Kal-El. Since their rescue from Brainiac, the scientest of Kandor have been busy attempting to unravel the secrets of his technology. In the end they were sucessful, and Allura concocted a plan to deal with their problem on Earth. Having citizens of the city lift it and the surrounding terrain into space, kept safe by Brainiac's force-field technology, they used his Tech to terra-form a new planet Krypton, placing it into orbit on the opposite side of Earth's oribit, placing the sun between them. It's prescence, is both a beacon of hope for Kryptonians, and a possible threat to human's everywhere. All Kryptonians except Superman are now banned from Earth. In Superman #685, Superman decides to leave Earth to live on New Krypton. He does this to keep on eye on Alura, to find out what Zod is up to, and to heal the relationship between Earth and New Krypton.


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