Morgan Edge
Morgan Edge-2
General Information
Real name: Morgan Edge
First Appearance: Superman (Volume 2) #13
Created by: John Byrne
Abilities: Intergang
Galaxy Communications
Portrayed by: Bruce Campbell
Brian George (Voice)
Rutger Hauer
Patrick Bergin
Adrian Pasdar



Morgan Edge grew up the son of wealthy media magnate Vincent Edge. As a child, Morgan suffered tremendous abuse at the hands of his father. One day, Vincent was disciplining his son on a busy street when his mother tried to intervene on his behalf. Vincent and she grappled with one another and he accidentally pushed her out into oncoming traffic. A passing bus struck her, killing her. Vincent never took accountability for the mishap and always insisted that his wife tripped and fell into the street. The incident was extremely traumatic for young Morgan. One evening, he shouted his hatred for his father to the skies. A lightning bolt struck nearby and before him appeared the visage of the Apokoliptian god Darkseid. Darkseid promised to help Morgan Edge become strong and fearless. How exactly this relationship progressed remains unknown, but Darkseid was still a controlling influence in Morgan's life well into adulthood.

Father's CompanyEdit

In time, he inherited his father's position as president and CEO of Galaxy Communications. He forced Vincent into early retirement as retaliation for all the years of abuse he suffered. Still working with Darkseid, Morgan Edge used his resources and access to Apokoliptian technology to forge a criminal underground designed to sew chaos throughout Metropolis. This organization soon became known as Intergang. Edge eventually discovered that he never had a partnership with Darkseid at all, but rather, he was dealing with Darkseid's weapons-master, DeSaad. DeSaad had used his skills to take on the image of Darkseid.Edge continued to run the day to day operations of Galaxy Communications until the day that his father returned to Metropolis to regain control of the company.

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