The Machine King
Machine King
General Information
Real name: Machine King
First Appearance: Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (Vol 1) #69
Affiliations: Formerly



The Machine King was a master computer that was constructed by the Kryptonians of Argo City long ago in Krypton's past. Centuries ago, the people of Argo City had decided to create a scientific government and one that was ruled by computers that had already been involved in all other aspects of their lives. This lead-lined master computer was constructed with a high degree of intelligence and one that could govern the Kryptonian's lives thus meaning that they did not need to make decisions for public affairs. Once constructed, the machine asked that mechanical servitors be made to aid in its operations. Thus, it gave blueprints for the Argo City inhabitants to build a hundred 8 foot tall machines to serve as its Machine-Police. At this point, the computer rebelled against its creators after they had give it too much intelligence with it deciding to rule the people of Argo City. To end its despotic rule, the Kryptonians turned against the so called Machine-King and battled its Machine-Police. Many men died in the struggle but ultimately they managed to deactivate the master computer thus ending the reign of the Machine-King. Its body was never destroyed but it was decided that it would be kept as a monument of the mistake the people of Argo City had made when they had decided to allow a computer to rule their lives which they intended to pass this lesson to future descendants. In time, the body of the Machine-King came to reside in a museum at Kandor where it was regarded as one of the relics of Krypton. By the modern day, the Superman Revenge Squad had hypnotized the Kandorian scientist Nor Kann to turn him against Superman by masquerading secretly as a super-powered thief within Kandor. His powers were given to him by a yellow jewel that amplified sunlight that was absorbed by his body in the Bottle City of Kandor. The activities made by the super-outlaw attracted the attention of Kal-El and Jimmy Olsen who shrunk down to operate as the masked crime-fighters Nightwing and Flamebird. As the super-outlaw, one of his actions was the theft of the computer frame of the Machine-King where he used its lead lining to protect himself from Kryptonite that was being used in an attempt to stop him by Nightwing and Flamebird.

Powers and Abilities

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  • The Machine-King did not feature as a villain in his only appearance but rather was shown in a flash-back sequence only.


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