Kryptonian Science Council
General Information
Leader(s): Alura In-Ze
Former Members: Jor-El
Lara Lor-Van
Status: Active
Base of Operations: New Krypton



The Kryptonian Science Council was an assemblage of esteemed scientists gathered together in the capital city of Kandor (and later in Kryptonopolis) to govern the progress of Krypton's technocratic bureaucracy. The assembly speaker was known as a Drygur and presided over a council of Molioms. Following the destruction of Krypton, surviving Kryptonians forged a new life for themselves in both the bottle city of Kandor, and Argo City. Each city established a new Science Council to govern their legislature.

At the time of the Kryptonian Empire when it expanded into space and conquered other worlds, the ruling body of Krypton was the Military Council led by Har-Zod. However, many of the inhabitants of Krypton began to believe that their empire had become a tyrannical force in the universe which led to a lose of favor in the Military Council and a rise in Bav Sor-El Science Council. Eventually, the Science Council won the elections and motioned for Krypton to embark on a period of isolation on their homeworld leading to an end in the reign of the Kryptonian Empire.

During the Fifth Historic Epoch, an alien missionary known as the Cleric began preaching a message against the use of Cloning Banks used by Kryptonian civilization. This act attracted the attention of the Science Council who intended to stop the Cleric and his followers. To that end, they turned to Kem-L and commanded him to develop a device to stop this movement. This in turn led to the creation of the Eradicator; a device designed to purge Kryptonian society from impure alien influences.

The Science Council were known to had been warned of the dangers of Jax-Ur's interstellar experments by Non and Jor-El. However, the Council ultimately ignored their advice which saw the destruction of the planets moon and the loss of the city of Kandor. Later, Jor-El and Non uncovered the shocking fact that their world would be destroyed within ninety days. The pair intended to save their people with Non making a public plea to his race about leaving their world. Despite their actions, the Science Council refused to believe them and condemned their actions as being those of renegades. Whilst Jor-El was allowed to continue his service to the Science Council, Non was kidnapped and he was lobotomised leaving him a shell of a man with his great intellect lost. This in turn provoked the actions of the Military Defense liason General Zod who attempted a coup but failed. Whilst the leaders on the Science Council intended to execute the trio of Kryptonian criminals consisting of Zod, Ursa and Non; it was Jor-El who convinced them to banish the group into the Phantom Zone.






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