Kryptonian Birthing Matrix
General Information
Official name: Kryptonian Birthing Matrix
First Appearance: Man of Steel #1 (October, 1986)
Type: Equipment
Used by: Kryptonians



The Birthing Matrix was a type of technology that had been originally developed on the highly advanced world of Krypton. On that distant world, the Kryptonians were known to had customarily raised their offspring within a birthing matrix until they reached a certain age. During this time, the child was kept separate from their parents. During the last days of Krypton, the scientist Jor-El learnt of his planets impending destruction and spirited his son Kal-El in a birthing matrix which was launched from Krypton in a modified chamber designed for interstellar travel. This allowed Kal-El to be the last survivor of Krypton and through the ships hyper-light engine, he was able to leave his homeworld and arrive on Earth where it landed in Smallville and in turn was discovered by Joanathan and Martha Kent.


Though Krypton had been destroyed long ago by the time Kal-El reached adulthood, the birthing matrix was one of the many legacies that remained of that civilization. Located in the Fortress of Solitude, the Kryptonian program known as the Eradicator intended to restore Krypton and began by creating a bloated version of the birthing matrix to serve as a womb for the development of such lifeforms. Its first task was the creation of primeval Kryptonian lifeforms which were large reptilian monsters that attacked Superman in Antartica. He later uncovered that the beasts were born from a hostile climate from ancient Krypton's past and thus could not survive in the distant cold. Superman later defeated the creatures and send them scurrying back into the birthing matrix thus ending the threat they posed to the world.


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