Kristen Wells
Kristen Wells
General Information
Real name: Karsta War-Ul
First Appearance: Superman #668
Created by: Kurt Busiek
Rick Leonardi
Affiliations: Formerly Kryptonian Military Guild
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Decades before Krypton exploded, it was the center of a mighty interstellar empire. Kryptonian soldiers, empowered by yellow suns and equipped with incredible technology, pushed all foes before them. In this force was the young Karsta War-Ul. However, debate on krypton was not kind: ultimately, it was decided that the power of empire (and the yellow suns) was detrimental to moral fiber. The Military Council was voted out in favor of the Science Council, and the troops were recalled. However, Karsta and a few of her fellow soldiers refused to return, and went AWOL, making a living as space pirates and renegades.

Life on KryptonEdit

When the news reached her of Krypton's fate, she was devastated, but she had found a partner by this time, and the company of the other Kryptonian survivors was enough for her. But the period of Kryptonian expansion had made enemies, and the Kryptonian survivors were hunted ruthlessly. Karsta herslf lost her husband and many friends to a series of ambushes, most notably by a pirate called Amalak.

Life on EarthEdit

Eventually, after years of running, she settled on Earth, reasoning that any anti-Kryptonian ambushers would target Superman first, giving her the opportunity to make an escape. However, she was found by the Auctioneer's scanners and eventually tracked down by Superman.

When Amalak came to Earth shortly after, her initial response was to flee. However, hen she saw Superman's courage, she relented, came back and assisted in defeating Amalak. She was last seen carrying Amalak and his servants to the interstellar authorities, knowing that she might be arrested for her piratical past, but willing to risk it to see justice done.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Karsta War-Ul has all the powers of a Kryptonian, in addition to full training as a member of the Kryptonian interstellar armed forces and decades of additional experience as a space pirate. Since coming to Earth she has been looking after a creche of kryptonian plants, showing some gardening skills.


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