General Information
Real name: Im-Zod
First Appearance: Superman: Last Stand on Krypton
Affiliations: Kryptonians



Im-Zod was a male member of the Kryptonians civilization who lived in the years after their homeworld became a sterile environment following the Clone Wars. At some point, a young Kal-El arrived on the planet Krypton from his native world of Earth. His inquisitive mind led him to the discovery of a Green Lantern Power Ring and Battery whereupon he learnt of the impending disaster building up within the core of his adopted planet. With his Power Ring, he managed to stop the catastrophe and save his planet. Furthermore, his more vigorous nature for life struck an emotional cord within his parents Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van. This saw them turn their back against the cold and clinical scientific methods of Krypton in order to embrace their species early years as a more vibrant species. This saw them form a likeminded group that abandoned their Bio-Suits and return their desolate world to its former life. Thus, these scholars and scientists formed the Planetary Restoration Fellowship who used cloning to restore both plant life and various animals to the surface.

Last Stand on KryptonEdit

The action of Jor-El's Restorationists greatly displeased the ruling elders of Krypton who were powerless in opposing them. Thus, Segy-El and his comrades went before the House of Zod who had long been the defenders of Krypton in generations past. They asked for the ruthless Im-Zod to take the position of General Zod in order to stop Jor-El's fragrant defiance of Kryptonian tradition. Zod agreed to accept the mantle offered to him by elder Xun-Ka and declared a war against the Restorationists where he intended to purge their number from the planet by assembling an army recruited from the great houses. During this time, Lex Luthor and Lois Lane landed on Krypton when their ship followed that of Kal-El's to the planet. Upon crash landing, they were abducted by sentry robots who brought them before Im-Zod. Initially, the General began posturing to the human Luthor who demonstrated his knowledge of Kryptonese. Luthor revealed that Kal-El had returned to Krypton and managed to weaponise Kryptonite radiation to create deadly mutagenic red beams that devastated the restored wildlife and rebels. Kal-El was captured and mutated with the red Kryptonite radiation though he escaped with Lois Lane. For his failure, General Im-Zod intended to execute Luthor though the human used the red Kryptonite radiation on himself thus developing powerful mental powers that made him invulnerable. With his powers, he protected himself from weapon fire and killed Zod after learning all his secrets whereupon he used the General's army for his own uses against Jor-El's rebels.

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  • Presumably, Im-Zod was the Elseworld's reality version of General Zod whose Kryptonian name was Dru-Zod.


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