The Hounds of Zod
Hounds of Zod
General Information
Founder(s): TBA
Leader(s): TBA
Current Members: TBA
Former Members: TBA
Status: Inactive
Base of Operations: Krypton



The Hounds of Zod was the name given to Kru-El and Faora who served General Zod as well as were noted for being the most deadly of manhunters on Krypton. They were only dispatched by the Kryptonian Imperial Council on the most important of assignments. These agents were highly xenophobic and believed in the complete eradication of alien influeces on their homeworld.

Return to KryptonEdit

When Superman and Lois Lane were catapulted into Krypton's distant past, the pair intended to find a means to return to Earth and their own time. In order to blend in, they took on the identities of Nightwing and Flamebird but the fact that Lois was a Human led to xenophobic elements within Krypton's society being dispatched to eliminate them. Whilst fleeing, the pair were pursued by the Hounds of Zod who tracked them to the Proto-Tombs of Xan. The two Kryptonian hunters nearly overwhelmed the fugities until both Faora and Kru-El were incapacitated by the Xan who rearranged their iron atoms to knock them unconscious.


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  • They are similar to Zod's disciples: Non and Ursa (Superman movies), Zaora and Quex-Ul (Pocket Universe), Nam-Ek and Atheya (Smallville).


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