Holy Order of Rao
General Information
Leader(s): Xon-Ur
Status: Inactive
Base of Operations: Krypton



The Holy Order of Rao, also known as the Raoists, was a religious group of Kryptonians that worshiped the Krypton's system sun known as Rao as a god. They were formed during the time when Jor-El became president of his people and ushered in a new age of scientific advancement. To counter his rise, the Holy Order of Rao was former which fell under the leadership of Xon-Ur. At this point, they were known to had been zealots who possessed hidden temples across the planet which included the Fire Fields. They were opposed to the goddess preaching of the new government that Jor-El had created and did not believe his words about bringing their people into a new age of spiritual enlightenment. When he modified Kryptonian Incubation Chambers to allow for cloning, they spoke out against him and believed that Jor-El was the destroyer of Krptonian values.

Raoist CrusadeEdit

Events rose to boiling point when Xon-Ur and his cult members stole Jor-El's cloning technology which they used to create a massive army to conquer the planet. Furthermore, they kidnapped Lara and put her on their temple on the Fire Fields which prompted Jor-El in summoning the aid of his son Kal-El. Together, they managed to free her from the Raoist temple and take her to Kryptonopolis but at this point the Raoist clone army and their leader attacked the city.


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