The Guardian
Jim Harper
General Information
Real name: James Jacob Harper
First Appearance: Star-Spangled Comics #7
Created by: Jack Kirby
Joe Simon
Affiliations: Science Police
Project Cadmus
Justice Society of America
All-Star Squadron
Newsboy Legion
Portrayed by: Eddie McClintock



Jim Harper was a police officer in Metropolis' Suicide Slum who became a vigilante to catch crooks that the law couldn't prosecute, describing himself as guarding society from criminals. He was aided by a group of boys known as the Newsboy Legion, to whom he was, literally, a guardian. The Legion grew up to become the heads of Project Cadmus, subsequently saving Harper's life by transferring his mind from his old, dying body into a clone of himself when he was younger. Jim Harper was the uncle of Roy Harper, who became Green Arrow's sidekick under the name of "Speedy". It's been revealed that Harper has an African-American grandniece now working for the Gotham City Police Department.

Jim Harper CloneEdit

Auron was a clone of Jim Harper (like The Guardian) created by Project Cadmus to contain the code for Superman's DNA after his death. Auron rebelled and left the Project, swearing to protect the Man of Steel's legacy from the meddlesome scientists. He left Earth to achieve this end. After Superman returned to life, he encountered Auron while stranded in deep space. Auron had just been beaten by Massacre, who had attacked and killed a passing starship. Auron initially did not believe Superman was who he claimed to be, but was quickly convinced. He agreed to go along with Superman to bring Massacre to justice. During the battle, Auron was shot and killed by Massacre, who then left the battle. Auron died thinking he had failed Superman, and his remains stayed on a drifting asteroid. His data pack, which contained the info regarding Superman's DNA, was recovered by the Skimmer, a scavenger who followed Massacre, and subsequently used to pay a bar tab. When this was done, the info on Superman's DNA was lost.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • The Harper clone has exceptional strength, speed and a healing factor.

Jim Harper CloneEdit

  • Flight, ability to survive without food or rest


  • Athlete


Jim Harper CloneEdit

  • Great Strength


  • No Super-Powers


  • Indestructible Alloy
  • Indestructible Shield

Jim Harper CloneEdit

  • Flight Pack


  • Motorbike Racer

Jim Harper CloneEdit

  • Intergalactic Travel Capabilities



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  • Coming Soon

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