Fortress of Solidarity
General Information
Official name: Fortress of Solidarity
Created by: TBA
First Appearance: Superman Vol 1 708
Galaxy: TBA
Star System: TBA
Planet: TBA
Country: TBA
State: TBA
Locale: TBA



The Fortress of Solidarity was a region outside of normal space-time and served as a base of operations for the Superman Squad. These beings were capable of accessing the site by way of a Lightning Door and it served as a quiet place of contemplation similar to the Fortress of Solitude where many of its members resided. It was created by way of a Tesseract that was housed in a pentagonal icositetrahedron that was outside space and time. There it resided in a region that some cultures referred to as the Still Zone. At some point, it became the home of various individuals that followed the legacy of Superman who all banded from different eras in order to defend the timeline. From the Fortress, the Superman Squad were capable of accessing any moment within the timestream - be it from the moment of creation after the Big Bang to the End of Time itself.


Following the destruction of New Krypton, Kal-El faced a personal crisis where he attempted to come to gripes with the second death of the Kryptonians civilization. His actions led to the Superman Squad breaking their own rules regarding tampering with the timestream and approached Superman himself in order to take him to the Fortress of Solidarity. There, he was shown the many eras and beings that had become superheroes due to the legacy he had created. During this time, they attempted to highlight the importance he had in the universe and that if he did not continue down the path - then his actions would be removed from the timeline. Giving him something to think about, they returned him back to his own time era in order to find the event that would inspire him once more to become the Man of Steel.


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