Fire Falls
General Information
Official name: Fire Falls
Star System: Eldirao
Planet: Krypton



Fire Falls on Krypton


The Fire Falls were a river fall composed of lava that was located on the planet Krypton. It was located near the Scarlet Jungles and situated in a particularly wild region of the world. The heat generated by the lava at the falls was to such temperatures that they could melt metal. However, they did no damage to the nearby rocks where the river of flame flowed through them. This was because the rocks contained a mineral that was fibrous which held a mixture of elements such as magnesium, silicon and oxygen. Under normal conditions, the magnesium was combustible but due to the mixture with the other elements it remained in a stable state.

During the Vrang occupation of the planet, Hatu-El and Sur-Na stole one of the alien transport ships where they journeyed to the Fire Falls. This was because the invaders had not taken over that region due to it being so wild and that there was nothing to exploit. After determining the nature of the minerals by the Fire Falls, Hatu-El determined that they could create a power wheel in the region that would serve the rebel forces against the Vrang. The Firefalls would thus turn the wheel and generate electricity for their base of operations. This proved to be instrumental in overthrowing the Vrang and forcing them off Krypton. For his discovery, Hatu-El's comrades named the mineral after him and called it Hatuar.

Post FlashPointEdit

On Earth, Kara Zor-El was drawn into a twisted version of her memory by the Black Banshee where he had her with her mother Alura In-Ze arguing at the Fire Falls over her gene-matching.


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