Enhanced Senses is a power that allows a character the ability to use any or all of their five senses to a superhuman degree. Many characters however, only possess one such an ability at a time.

Enhanced EyesightEdit

Enhanced Eyesight is the ability to see with greater clarity and at greater distance than the average human. In some cases, characters with enhanced eyesight can also perceive things that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

Enhanced HearingEdit

Enhanced hearing is the ability to perceive sound with greater clarity and scope than the average human being. In some cases, this power is also defined as "Super-Hearing".

Enhanced Sense of SmellEdit

Enhanced Sense of Smell is the ability to identify scents with greater precision than the average human being. This ability is particularly useful for tracking prey, perceiving the invisible, or navigating in an unfamiliar environment.

Enhanced Sense of TouchEdit

Enhanced Sense of Touch is the ability to perceive textures and vibrations with greater acuity than that of a normal human. Sometimes though, this power can actually be detrimental, as those with an enhanced sense of touch may be more prone to physical injurey.

Enhanced Sense of TasteEdit

Enhanced Sense of Taste is the ability to perceive sensations and flavors with greater range than that of the average human. Generally, characters with this ability also possess other sensory enhancements such as Enhanced Smell or Enhanced Sense of Touch.

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