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General Information
Official name: Eldirao
First Appearance: Action Comics (Vol 1) #839
Locale: Krypton



Eldirao was a red sun situated in the star system that held the planet Krypton. The Kryptonians named it in honor of their sun god Rao. The effects of the red sun radiation meant that under its gaze the people of Krypton were non-powered beings with strengths and abilities similar to a human. However, when exposed to a yellow sun they gained superhuman abilities. Following the destruction of Krypton, the star Eldirao became surrounded by debris from the shattered planet.

Superman Prime

When Superman-Prime attempted to restart the universe, both Kal-El and Kal-L fought against him. The two heroes forcibly took the young Superboy to the Krypton star system where they forcibly threw themselves along with their foe into Eldirao. This act depowered the three and had the living planet Mogo not intervened then they would have died in space. The incident left Superman powerless on Earth for sometime which led to various other superheroes taking his duties in Metropolis whilst he waited to see whether he would regain his abilities.


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