Dan Turpin
Dan Turpin
General Information
Real name: Daniel Turpin
First Appearance: Detective Comics #64 (June, 1942)
Created by: Jack Kirby
Affiliations: Formerly Metropolis Special Crimes Unit
The Boy Commandos
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: Joseph Bologna (Voice)
David Paetkau



Raised in the tough streets of Brooklyn in the 1930s, Dan Turpin became a member of a child detachment unit known as the Boy Commandos. During the years of World War II, he assumed the nickname of his hometown, Brooklyn.

As an adult, Turpin relocated to Metropolis where he became a police officer, and later an inspector for the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit. He worked closely alongside his colleague, Maggie Sawyer.

Turpin proved to be a brash no-nosense officer; an accolade which earned him the nickname "Terrible" Turpin. Dan proved his mettle against foes much more powerful than he, notably the Apokoliptian scourge, Kalibak.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Dan Turpin did not possess any superhuman capabilities.


  • Dan Turpin possessed a keen knowledge of military procedure and strategy - skills he used during his tenure with the SCU. Turpin was also trained in the use of a variety of firearms and advanced weaponry. He was an able-bodied hand-to-hand combatant, though his proficiency in this skill lessened as he grew older. Even at an advanced age however, Turpin was ever-willing to resort to physical force to solve a problem.


  • Despite his advanced age, Dan Turpin was still in extremely fit shape. In his prime, Dan Turpin possessed the strength level of a man his age, size and weight who engaged in moderate regular exercise.


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  • Turpin carried a .44 magnum revolver, and also had access to hi-tech weaponry provided by the Metropolis SCU.

In Other MediaEdit

  • The character of Dan Turpin made frequent appearances in the 1996 Superman animated series. Actor Joseph Bologna provided his voice to the character. In the episode "Apokolips... Now!", the evil despot Darkseid murdered turpin with a blast of his Omega Beams.

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