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Brainiac Probe
General Information
Official name: Brainiac Probe
First Appearance: Action Comics #866
Type: Android
Used by: Brainiac



Brainiac Probes were mechanical humanoid machines that were crafted through the use of nanite technology by the alien supervillain known as Brainiac to serve as his soldiers. They were made to physically resemble the Coluan physical form and template of Brainiac's native race. Following that time, they were placed onboard his Skull Ship and did his bidding in gathering knowledge as well as preserving planetary settlements that were to be shrunk whereupon they were to be stored on his vessel. Their mechanical nature meant that they were far superior to normal organic foes and were capable of fighting super powered beings.


One of the first known acts conducted by these robotic probes was done so on the planet Krypton. Brainiac had discovered the location of the planet after the destruction of its lunar colony by the renegade scientist known as Jax-Ur. After gaining his attention, Brainiac sent an army of probes to the planet where they besieged the city of Kandor and wiped out any military resistance against them. Herding the inhabitants into the city, the probes ensured that no one left whilst Brainiac began the process of ripping Kandor from its surface and shrinking it into a bottled format for storage onboard his vessel. Brainiac Probes were known to brought about untold devastation to Kandors inhabitants and also fought off the elite Black Zero unit sent to defeat them. Following the completion of their mission, the probes left Krypton with their master in order to continue their mission directive.

Many years later following the destruction of the Kryptonians civilization, probes were sent to the planet Earth where one of them was captured though later destroyed by both Superman alongside Supergirl at the Fortress of Solitude. Kal-El later encountered a horde of Brainiac Probes at the planet Laroo which he destroyed before they could accomplish their mission. After Brainiac's capture on Earth, the Probes no longer posed a threat until he managed to free himself. When the Kandorians had created New Krypton, Brianiac sought to return the city to its bottled form and sent legions of his Probes against the inhabitants. Despite their super powers, many were killed in the fighting and Brainiac was successful in shrinking the city once more which was placed on his Skull Ship. However, Superman along with the Legion of Super Heroes managed to defeat the Probes and Brainiac thus ending the threat they posed to New Krypton as well as Earth.


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