Black Zero
General Information
Founder(s): General Zod
Leader(s): Ursa
Current Members: TBA
Former Members: TBA
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Krypton
New Krypton

We are the best Krypton has to offer! We are Krypton's sword and its shield! General Zod sends us, because we will get the job done! Not for him, not for the Council, but for our people! Black Zero! To Victory! - Ursa



Black Zero was a military unit that existed within the Kryptonian Military Guild and served as an elite flagship team that served under the direction of General Zod with actual field command being left to his Lieutenant, Ursa. Before the destruction of Krypton, Black Zero was deployed when the threat of the Coluan supervillain Brainiac arrived at the Kryptonian homeworld. Orbiting the city of Kandor, Brainiac intended to take the settlement and place it within a bottle as part of his collection. Black Zero was thus deployed in order to prevent the Brainiac androids from taking all its citizens. Despite their attempts, the group was massacred and all of its members except for Lieutenant Ursa were killed in action. Following their failure, Kandor and the Kandorians were transported into Brainiac's ship where the settlement became the Bottled City of Kandor; one of the last remnants of Krypton following the destruction of the homeworld.


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  • The original Black Zero was in fact an alien saboteur who specialized in the destruction of planets and had been hired by an interstellar pirate empire to destroy Krypton.
  • The Pre-Crisis version of Black Zero was a terrorist organization that was formed during the war over clone rights and its members were responsible for the near destruction of Krypton.


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