Batman/Superman #4
Batman Superman Vol 1-4 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Batman/Superman (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 4
First Published: October 16, 2013
Previous Issue: Doomsday #1
Next Issue: Batman/Superman #5

Synopsis for "Refracted"Edit

Batman Superman Vol 1-4 Cover-3

Batman/Superman (Volume 1) Issue #4 Cover-3

On Earth-2, the crystal shard has been activated. The Batmen and Supermen are then fired upon by Slade and his men who are taken out by Earth-2 Superman and Batman. Trying to get their Prime Earth counterparts to step aside, the Earth-2 doppelgängers attack and startle the younger heroes, until Batman and Superman coordinate their efforts to attack their older-selves. Superman grabs the shard and his wishes become reality as Earth-2 and New Earth begin to combine as worlds collide and the dead (as in the Kents) begin to rise. When Batman tries to stop Superman, he himself begins to transform into a dark bat-like figure. Clark stops touching the crystal and walks away. Slade, getting back into his cannon, shoots at Earth-2 Superman and misses, sending his blast directly toward the Batwing piloted by Lois Kent and Selina Wayne/Catwoman. With Earth-2 Superman in space fighting against Slade's beam, Batman sends Superman after the declining Batplane. Superman, not yet being able to fly, can't change the trajectory. Batman however gets Superman to fly by reminding him of who he really is. Superman then flies the Batplane, and it's passengers, to safety as his Earth-2 self sends the energy beam back towards Earth, destroying the canon and the crystal. On the ground, Earth-2 Wonder Woman is facing the Trickster who decides that Earth-2 isn't ready for Darkseid's arrival, but that New Earth will live because of Superman and Batman's power. Then the Trickster sends everyone back and erases their memories of the previous events. Back in Gotham, Clark Kent returns a day after meeting Bruce Wayne about the malfunctioning WayneTech bots. The kid who Clark "saved" the day before, Zack, fights back against his bullies as Bruce and Clark watch. After Clark and Bruce part ways, the Trickster reveals herself as the "devil" on Zack's shoulder.

Batman Superman Vol 1-4 Cover-4

Batman/Superman (Volume 1) Issue #4 Cover-4

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