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Atomic Town
Atomic Town.jpg
General Information
Official name: Atomic Town
First Appearance: Return to Krypton
Planet: Krypton



Atomic Town was a settlement on the distant world of Krypton where it became the ultimate centre for commerce on that planet. It was there that both advanced technology merged with free trade in order to create a blend of culture within Kryptonian civilization. The town was destroyed along with the rest of Krypton when the planet exploded thus ending Kryptonian society. However, the supervillain known as Brainiac 13 used his own technology mixed with the Eradicator Matrix and a Kryptonian Birthing Matrix to create a perfect replica of Krypton along with Atomic Town within the Phantom Zone. This was not an accurate representation of Krypton in its final days but rather of a golden age that occured thousands of years ago and was based on the writings of Jor-El's diary as it was a favourite era for the esteemed scientist of the House of El. The reason for Brainiac constructing the replica world was to serve as a trap for his nemesis Superman and it was to act as a temptation for the Man of Steel in order to make him believe his homeworld had survived. Once he entered into the alternate Krypton, it would engage a programming that would destroy that world along with Superman.

Return to Krypton

On Earth, Superman encountered a crashed Kryptonian starship which detailed the existence of Krypton within the Phantom Zone. With the aid of Doctor Emil Hamilton, he and Lois Lane travelled through the Zone to that world. They quickly became acquainted with Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van. Jor-El revealed that this Krypton was on a devastating course with its own red sun which would destroy it. Despite his pleas to the Imperial Council, no steps were taken to evacuvate the populace. Thus, Superman decided to intervene and used his enhanced yellow sun derived abilities to alter the planet's trajectory. After the completion of his mission, he and his wife Lois Lane toured the different sites around Krypton starting with Atomic Town. Whilst visiting the city, Lois told Kal-El that Atomic Town's shopping elements made Metropolis look like Smallville. Following their travel, they later journeyed to the Fire Falls and Mt. Mundru.


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