General Information
Real name: Atlas
First Appearance: 1st Issue Special #1 (April, 1975)
Created by: Jack Kirby



In ancient times in a faraway land, the mighty hero Atlas became a champion of the oppressed in his struggle against the despotic King Hyssa. As a youth, Atlas had been one of the peaceful people of the Crystal Mountains until King Hyssa's raiders attacked the village. Burning Atlas' home to the ground, killing his father, and capturing everyone he knew or cared about, Hyssa unwittingly made himself a powerful enemy that would pursue him for years.

Wearing his magic crystal pendant, Atlas escaped the slavers and found a new home with a kind-hearted man named Chagra. It was not long before Chagra realized the boy possessed incredible strength. He became Atlas' manager, and accompanied him on his journeys, watching the young hero rescue citizens and defeat evil princes. Finally arriving in the capital city of Hyssa, Atlas touted his strength in the marketplace, where he fought challengers one-on-one. it is unknown whether Atlas eventually succeeded in taking his revenge on the sinister King Hyssa. What is known is that his heart grew dark and villainous. Just before the arrival of the Kandorians, Atlas found himself transported to present-day Metropolis, where he fought Superman to a standstill. He has been shown to have some connection to a government agency formed from the remains of Project Cadmus, and which is tasked with fighting alien "threats" like Superman.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Superhuman strength and durability sufficient to rival Superman.


  • Above-average hand-to-hand combatant


  • Wears a pendant which is the source of his powers.


  • This article contains information from the DC Comics Encyclopedia, and portions of it may not be canon in New Earth continuity.


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