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Agent Liberty
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General Information
Real name: Benjamin Lockwood
First Appearance: Superman Vol 2 #60 (October, 1991)
Created by: Dan Jurgens
Affiliations: Formerly:
Sons of Liberty
Justice League
Central Intelligence Agency
Portrayed by: Sam Witwer



Agent Liberty's real name was Benjamin Lockwood. He once worked for the CIA but ultimately left in disgust with their methods and the types of missions he was being asked to undertake. He later became so disenchanted with the Federal Government as a whole that he joined the paramilitary group called the Sons of Liberty, who outfitted him with the costume and weaponry he used as Agent Liberty. In the beginning, Lockwood used his Agent Liberty guise to help the Sons' stated cause of overturning the current governmental regime, which brought him into conflict with Superman; however, when the Sons' leadership asked him to perform an assassination of politician Pete Ross, Lockwood refused, and left the Sons to go solo. During his time working with the Sons, Agent Liberty also briefly joined the Justice League, but left that group as well.

Early Years

In his last recorded appearance, Lockwood learned that one of the founders of the Sons of Liberty was in actuality his former CIA mentor, and he became so disgusted with this that he burned his Agent Liberty costume, vowing to never undertake that identity again. However, he does take it up later. During the literally Earth-shaking crisis of Infinite Crisis, Agent Liberty shows up at a mass for fallen and missing superheroes. Dozens of other heroes are also in attendance. Dozens of heroes, Agent Liberty included, also gathered to defend the city of Metropolis from the Secret Society of Super-Villains. Liberty was seen heading for a heavily armed cyborg being. Ultimately, the Society lost the battle.


He was later assigned by Washington, D.C. to monitor the actions of a great influx of Kryptonians, newly arrived from the bottled city of Kandor. Agent Liberty began investigating the Kryptonians' connection to Lex Luthor and General Sam Lane, but was murdered by the new Superwoman for his actions. His body was dumped in Metropolis Harbor where it was discovered and brought ashore by a group of boaters. Metropolis Metacrimes Inspector Mike Henderson headed the investigation into Agent Liberty's murder, but before he could remove Liberty's armor, Lucy Lane had Agent Liberty's body removed from Metropolis City Hospital.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Master of Armed Combat and Espionage.


  • As Agent Liberty, Lockwood wore a costume that had equipment in it which could generate a force-shield of energy to deflect bullets and other weapons, and a jetpack that enabled him to fly for short distances.


  • Agent Liberty is armed with retractable blades, pistols and a plasma shield.

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