Action Comics #50
Action Comics Vol 2-50 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Action Comics (Volume 2)
Issue Number: 50
First Published: March 9, 2016
Previous Issue: Action Comics #49
Next Issue: Action Comics #51


The comet empowers Vandal Savage's children all over the world, with Savage declaring victory over the heroes who opposed him. Even so, Superman and his allies refuse to admit defeat. Whether they are superheroes fighting Savage's army or regular people evacuating bystanders, Superman understands heroes come in all sizes and shapes. Together, the heroes infiltrate Vandal's ship. With his new super-senses, Superman locates the captured Justice League. However, Vandal activates the ship's self-destruct mechanism.

Superman is quick to warn Jimmy, Lois and Lee, but they decide to stay and help Superman however they can. The heroes are able to free the Justice League. While his friends evacuate, Superman remain behind to locate Vandal, who is in the process of escaping the ship with his children in a group of shuttles aimed at the comet. Superman is barely able to hang onto one of the shuttles while the Stormwatch ship explodes around him. He begs Vandal's children to forfeit Vandal, for he will betray them at some point, but Vandal attacks him.

Superman attempts to convince Vandal to abandon scheme, saying that he must really love his children if he took steps to save them from. Vandal merely says he just wanted them to test the comet's effects before he takes the plunge. Seconds later, he shoots Superman with a special bullet injected with toxins and throws him off the shuttle. The toxins completely purge Superman's infected cells and take away his powers.

Superman is about to fall on the Fortress, thinking that if he dies, he will at least die on his home. Fortunately, the Fortress recognizes him as Kal-El and restores his suit and powers. Superman has truly returned and his allies stand in happiness. After everything that's happened, Superman understands that everything his friends did for the past months, they did it to protect him.

Not to be outdone, Vandal sends his children, empowered by the comet, to destroy his enemies. Superman and his allies stand ready for battle.


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