Action Comics #49
Action Comics Vol 2-49 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Action Comics (Volume 2)
Issue Number: 49
First Published: February 3, 2016
Previous Issue: Action Comics #48
Next Issue: Action Comics #50

Synopsis for "Savage Dawn - Immortal Combat"

A boy in Fargo, North Dakota, is bullied by other children until a mysterious purple mist envelops him, turning him into a muscular, towering brute. As the other children run away, a small sphere flies towards the boy and emits the image of Vandal Savage, who confirms the boy is his biological descendant. Savage then urges the boy to prove he is his son in spirit. The boy grabs the sphere and lets out a grim smile.

At the same time, Superman has used Kryptonite to recover his powers. His plan is for the Kryptonite burns away his infected cells so that he can power up again. Superman obtains new powers from Kryptonite exposure and easily destroys the Puzzler. Superman wonders why has he not recovered his usual powers, Trevor and Etta Candy explain that his mutated cells are not dying. Instead, they are fighting the Kryptonite by absorbing his energy. In other words, Superman has acquired new powers, but the Kryptonite is slowly killing him.

Making use of his new powers, Superman returns to the skies and comes across Wonder Woman. Already aware of what's going on, Wonder Woman feels unsure but Superman replies she would have done the same thing. Now, Superman can feel transmissions and energy waves and locates Vandal's ship. With the power he harvested from the captured heroes, Savage fires an energy beam into space as Superman and Wonder Woman intercept him. Savage's boy descendant, now called Salvaxe, attacks Superman. The fight moves to the town below, where Salvaxe is quick to threaten the people in a diner. Superman saves the bystanders and throws away Salvaxe's helmet, discovering his enemy is just a boy.

Superman shows mercy, but Salvaxe attacks him again, dismissing his sympathy as mockery. Wonder Woman informs Superman the energy blast has hit Jupiter, which is beginning to increase in size and is about to pull its moons into itself. Superman immediately realizes Salvaxe was just a distraction, so he asks Wonder Woman to take care of him while he leaves for the North Pole.

Savage took Superman's powers, friends and now he has taken the Fortress of Solitude.


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