Action Comics #47
Action Comics Vol 2-47 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Action Comics (Volume 2)
Issue Number: 47
First Published: December 2, 2015
Previous Issue: Action Comics #46
Next Issue: Action Comics #48

Synopsis for "Blind Justice, Part Three: Consumed"

Superman battles with Frankenstein, while Wrath attempts to get Lee to see things her way. Unlike Superman or Frankenstein, Lee is a hero and Wrath wants to use her black mass to create more heroes. Lee attempts to escape but is incapacitated by Wraith's robots. Clark is able to defeat Frankenstein but is confronted by Wrath who explains that once she was a normal woman named Jennifer, who rose through the ranks of the DA's office and became the Mayor of Metropolis. When Superman first arrived, she dreamt of working with him; until he was exposed to the Doomsday virus and Metropolis was attacked by Brainiac. Wrath developed a fear and hatred of aliens and became acquainted with Vandal Savage, who gave her the power of shadows so she could save the world. Wrath briefly loses her concentration and Superman merges with her shadows and takes down one of the bombers heading to Houston. When attempts to destroy the last bomber, however, Wrath catches up to him and attempts to demoralize him with his friends' terrified faces. It suddenly becomes a battle of wills for control of the shadows, until Superman realizes the key to victory is not to beat the shadows, but to let them in. Through sheer force of will, Superman absorbs all of the shadows, including those infecting Lee, into himself. Superman uses the shadows to prevent the Black Mass from detonating over Houston. Aware of what's happening, Vandal Savage berates Wrath for her failure and seals the shadows into a special box so that Superman cannot use them against him. Lee finds Superman and tells him that all of the shadows are gone. Superman talks about all of the power he just had and while Lee believes that he could have handled it she likes her Superman just the way he is.


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