Action Comics #33
Action Comics Vol 2-33 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Action Comics (Volume 2)
Issue Number: 33
First Published: July 2, 2014
Previous Issue: Action Comics #32
Next Issue: Action Comics #34

Synopsis for "Superdoom, Chapter 1: Unbound"Edit

After two days, Superman goes to the asteroid belt and smashes as many asteroids as he can in order to vent his anger. Then, Supergirl comes to Superman and takes him to the other side of the galaxy. There, they find an alien colony established on a moon is about to be destroyed by an alien criminal known as Hakar. Superman reluctantly confronts Hakar, while the moon's inhabitants attempt to escape. Hakar explains he has a condition that causes him to consume all sorts of energy, including that of the moon's core. He gave the colonists enough time to evacuate the moon before he lost control of his hunger and destroyed the moon. Superman, exerting enough control over his new Doomsday powers, manages to stop the moon's debris from destroying the escape fleet. Hakar attempts to make peace with Superman, but Superdoom takes control of Superman again and brutally attacks Hakar. Meanwhile, Lana and Steel travel to space in order to confront whoever unleashed the coma infection on Smallville. Suddenly, they discover the infection has spread to Metropolis. Lana calls Lois to warn her, but realizes Lois is working for the one who released the infection, as she is the only one unaffected while everyone else in Metropolis has fallen into a coma. Then, Lana and Steel are intercepted by Cyborg Superman.

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