Action Comics #26
Action Comics Vol 2-26 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Action Comics (Volume 2)
Issue Number: 26
First Published: December 4, 2013
Previous Issue: Action Comics #25
Next Issue: Action Comics #27

Synopsis for "Monster"Edit

Lana Lang and her working crew are being attacked by a giant monster in Venezuela. Grabbing a machine gun, Lana attempts to distract the creature and give her co-workers an opportunity to escape, but soon, Superman arrives to help. Superman and the creature engage in a small fight. Superman throws Lana's truck at the creature, but it catches the truck with its mouth. The creature's behavior makes Superman realize the creature is somehow intelligent. Superman remembers a time during his childhood when he got a bicycle from his father. Young Clark was happy, but his heat vision triggered for the first time, burning the bike and Jonathan's fields. Then, a volley of missiles hits the creature. Military drones have come to intervene. Superman attempts to stop them by destroying the drones, but in that moment, he is attacked by Lieutenant Sawyer, a U.S. soldier code named "Ghost Soldier." Superman and the Ghost Soldier come to blows, but the Ghost Soldier can become intangible, driving a knife to Superman's chest. The military continues attacking the creature, so Superman combines his heat vision and cold breath to slow the Ghost Soldier down. Afterwards, he grabs the creature and takes it to outer space, seemingly hurling it into the sun. Six hours later, Lana and her crew continue drilling underground and discover a large underground tunnel. Lana believes Superman might be interested in that. Clark returns to the Fortress of Solitude. He did not hurl the creature into the sun, instead he took it to the Fortress to keep it safe. Clark remembers the time he first used his heat vision. His father was terrified, but he still was there to comfort him. Clark then watches the creature transform into a humanoid child.

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  • Sanchez
  • Aurelio



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